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Trentino | Adventures for your holiday in Trentino

Maso al sole was born in a small natural heaven, come and discover some special little places hidden in the mountain, the trees and the waters of our beautiful land. Explore the history, the culture and the nature of Civezzano towards itineraries and interesting places good for the whole family.

Santa Colomba lake

The lake, surrounded by the Aregntario’s most beautiful pine forest, forms, together with the connected Palù dei Preti, a biodiversity hot spot. In fact, it has been instituted as an “area of special conservation”.

Orrido Ponte Alto

The Orrido is a deep canyon, that the turbulent waters of the river Fersina dug out thousands of years ago… The river bridals produce amazing water falls of over 40 meters that run towards red earth layers creating magnificent light effects.

Telvana Castle

The castle was built in the mediaeval times, it has come through many historical and architectural happenings that have transformed the original structure into the aspect of a suburban villa as it is today.

The Path of Gnomes

There is a beautiful walk nearly 2 km long where kids can compete and find, hidden in the foliage, some gnomes houses and animals made out of wood and resin. All along the path there are signs with rhymes, stories and indications on the flora and fauna.